Children’s Christmas at MNAC


AMNAC and MNAC has the pleasure of announcing the launch of its “Children’s Christmas at MNAC” program starting from the 29th of Nov till the 20th of Dec. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 will participate in a number of workshops where they will develor and practice their artistic skills on making Christmas decorations using different materials and techniques under the careful guidance and supervision of museum specialists.

The duration of each workshop is 2 hours. Entrance is free for all and registration must be done earlier at or via tel: 0213189137


We are also welcoming parents and friends, brothers or relatives who wish to come along with the children. All art works can be taken home by their little craft masters. 




1.         FRI, 29th of November, 15h00

2.         WEN, 4th of December, 17h00

3.         SAT, 7th of December, 11h00

4.         SAT, 7th of December, 14h00

5.         WEN, 11th of December, 17h00

6.         FRI, 13th of December, 15h00

7.         SAT, 14th of December, 11h00

8.         WEN, 18th of December, 17h00


9.         “Christmas Tree at MNAC" Party, 20th of December